Fire Hall Photos Fire Hall Photos Historic Fire Station Sixth Street elevation with new paint job. 195543672 Sign at Historic Fire Hall. The Keweenaw National Historical Park purchased signs to identify all Heritage sites affiliated with the National Park. 183121067 1918 Village of Calumet Pumper The first motor vehicle in the Copper Country for firefighting, built by American LaFrance in Elmira, NY. Cost $5,000. 182295461 1918 C & H Ming Company Pumper A twin to the Village of Calumet Pumper, both arrived by rail from Elmira, NY. 182296951 1865 Hand Pumper On loan from Adams Township 18 miles south of Calumet. Pulled by hand, a two hundred gallon water tank with twin diaphragm type pumps. Original artwork on the wagon. 182426406 1900 Fire Wagon Horse drawn wagon for firefighting equipment. 182518807 1942 Ford Pumper A truck made for firefighting purposes during World War II. 182559158 1960 American LaFrance Pumper Originally bought by the C & H Mining Company for its purpose and donated to Calumet Township in 1968 with the closing of the copper mines in the area and the end of C & H Mining Company. 182565721 Hose Cart Hand drawn. 182733926 1930 Village of Laurium Pumper Laurium's first motor vehicle for firefighting, an American LaFrance vehicle. Cost $11,500. 182960960 Historic Calumet, MI 1898 Fire Hall Built using heavy timber and Jacobsville Sandstone, full basement with two floors. Originally 6 horse stalls on main floor in rear of building to service the steam pumper, hose and ladder wagons. 182266445 Life Saving Ring Eight foot diameter ring held by 8 to 10 firemen when a person needed to jump from an upper floor elevation to flee a fire. 183121230 1900 Hose and Water Cart. A small pressure tank for water and some hose. he water pressure would be built up by placing sulfuric acid and bicarbonate soda in the pressure tank. 183121262 Winter picture of Fire Truck pumper. In the winter the tires would be removed from the 1919 American LaFrance Pumpers and sled runners attached and then pulled by horses to the fire hydrants. The snow was too deep to use wheeled vehicles until the mid 1930s when snow removal equipment for the roads started to be used. Until that time the snow in the roads was "panked" with 6' diameter horse drawn rollers and horse drawn sleds were used exclusively on the roads. 183151739 Fire Buckets Rounded at the bottom to utilize centrifugal force when tossing the bucket of water. 183151742 Beds at the second floor bedroom. The brass fire pole between the beds was used for fast exit to the first floor fire fighting equipment. In the early years when there was a full time fire department there were 8 beds in this room. When the fire Department switched to paid drivers supplemented by Volunteers there were only two beds. 183184281 Roof ladders Used to fasten to an upper floor window or roof top for access. 183183948 Bedroom lockers. At the second floor of the fire hall. 183188172 A team of firemen. Competition at fire men's tournaments was and is keen to this day. 183194801 Middle door at Historic Fire Hall 183393620 Hand pumper in action See this on YOUTUBE, google "hand fire pumper". 195543671 The sign over the middle front door. 195543673 Relocated Calumet Village Fire Station The Elm Street side of the Historic Town Hall/Threatre Building. The Fire Department was relocated to this location in 1964. 195543674 The first Calumet Village Fire Station On the SE corner of Fifth and Elm Streets built in 1875 and used until 1886 when the Town Hall was built and the Fire Department relocated to the new location which was used until 1898 when the Historic Sixth Street Fire Station was constructed which is now the Copper Country Firefighters History Museum. 195543675 The new 1919 Fire Truck. Celebrating the new truck in 1920 with the full time Fire Firefighters. The American LaFrance pumper was built in Elmire, NY and delivered to the Village in December, 1919. The snow "panked" streets did not permit the truck with wheels to be used in the winter thus the summer celebration of the new equipment. 195543676 Copy of original blue print for the Fire Station. The front elevation of the 1898 Historic Calumet Fire Station. 198493705 First Floor of the original Fire station. 198493706 Second floor of the original Fire Station. 198493707 1900 action photo. 198493708 1900 Hose wagon photo (post card). 198493709 Italian Hall Death Doors. The 1913 Fire Tragedy in Calumet that took 73 lives, mostly children, a False Alarm during a Christmas eve party for the striking miners children. 198493710 Fire Station Horses Jerry Sullivan, Fire Station Teamster proudly showing two of the Village of Red Jacket's (now Calumet) Fire Stations eight horses. Jerry became the first driver of the 1919 American LaFrance Fire Truck when it arrived in December 1919. The first motor vehicle for firefighting in the Copper Country. It and its twin purchased by the C & H Mining Company have been restored and are on display in the Museum. 198493711 Calumet area Fire Alarm Box locations This listing is framed and mounted on the front wall of the Museum. The local insurance company's would publish this list for distribution to the public. 199559179 Fire Alarm Box # 45 This is mounted on the outside of the Museum, carved into the Jacobsville sandstone when placed in 1898. This alarm was sounded on Christmas eve 1913 when the Italian Hall tragedy which claimed 73 lives after someone yelled "FIRE" and a rush to the exits started that resulted in 73 persons dying by suffocation or being crushed in a stairway leading from the second floor to the first floor when the exit door did not open. It was a false alarm, there was no fire. The victims were mostly children attending a Christmas eve party put on by striking miners. 199559180 Fire Alarm Bell Mounted on the Museum front wall and would ring bells by means of a telegraph signal which would indicate where the alarm would come from. For example, four bells followed by five bells would indicate an alarm from Fire Alarm Box # 45. 199559181